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The Inertia

When Gold Coast surfers Nick Chalmers and Angus McNicol saw two French tourists struggling to stay afloat at one of their local beaches, they sprung into action. McNicol grabbed his surfboard while Chalmers grabbed a pair of fins and jumped out into the surf.

“Ahh, it was pretty crazy,” Chalmers said, “the conditions definitely weren’t for swimming and I dunno, they just got caught off-guard and were naïve I guess, so they’re not used to the ocean conditions I guess, yeah so it was unlucky I guess.”

When asked why they didn’t hesitate to jump in the water, Chalmers was blunt. “You can’t just watch someone drown and so it’s like – I just figured I’d jump off and see what happens, so had my fingers crossed I guess,” he said.


In spite of the serious nature of their actions, though, Chalmers and McNicol’s interview took a surprising turn when McNicol began to chime in with his side. With a smirk and a forest of chest hair revealed by a plunging shirt, it’s clear from the get-go the news anchors at Today are having a tough time taking McNicol seriously.

“Being the manly man that you are, my friend, you jumped in straight into action as well when you were called?” the anchor asks McNicol.

Come to find out, McNicol had no idea the woman he went to rescue with his surfboard was French.


“I calmed her down and I asked her what her name was and she asked me what my name was,” said McNicol. “But then she said I was her angel, so I was pretty happy.”

Hard to believe this guy’s still single.

After their interview, Today hosted McNicol in their studio as an extremely eligible bachelor and hero. It’s worth a watch too.


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