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The Inertia

As much as we hold pro surfers on a pedestal, it’s nice to remember that the best in the world still deal with a lot of the same struggles we do. They’re human after all.

Lowers is often lauded as the most rippable wave in the world. But to get to the fun, you’ve gotta walk the walk, so to speak. The rock walk. The cobblestones that contribute to the bathymetry that I admit I have no understanding of are the same slippery little bastards that cut the feet as you balance your way out to the lineup. Not even the pros are immune.

But being a competitor means utilizing hacks whenever possible to gain an edge. That’s why when the WSL descended upon Lowers, we thought we’d ask some of the athletes how they manage the infamous Trestles rock dance.


The short of it? Frederico Morais says walk slowly. Ace Buchan says try waxing your feet a try – I stand by my previous opinion on the matter. And Seabass says maybe just try paddling out at high tide.

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