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Cyrus Sutton is many things. A surfer. A storyteller. A filmmaker. An activist. Entrepreneur. Contrarian comes to mind. It’s his dynamic, healthy skepticism of the status quo and profound dedication to pursuing his ideals that make him a visionary in the canon of contemporary surf personalities. Currently, Cyrus is producing a new film called Island Earth that explores the world’s food supply. You can bet that it will inspire you to take your food—and the way you choose to spend your cash in supporting business—just a little more seriously. And that’s a good thing.

We caught up with Cyrus at his humble abode in the serene hills of Ojai, California, and learned he’s a man who truly practices what he preaches. The variety of fresh fruits and vegetables growing around his property, as well as the bundles of recycled materials that were being used to expand his modest home, inspired us to change our consuming habits. Cyrus created the platform Korduroy.tv six years ago as a way for like-minded individuals to share ideas on a variety of different subjects, including outdoors, health, sustainability, and fun DIY projects. Our experience with Cyrus was both humbling and inspiring, as it served as a simple reminder that even in the chaotic age of the 21st century, anyone can foster change. All you have to do is educate yourself.

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