The Inertia

A few months ago, the good people at Jose Cuervo approached me with an idea to put together a small team of the most fun humans in surfing. The plan was to invite six of us to Mexico to surf our brains out, discover the roots of tequila, and document the story as it unfolded along the way.

Naturally, I chose close friends and the ultimate purveyors of fun: Kassia Meador, Jared Mel, and Colin Whitbread. We’ve all traveled extensively together, and I know they bring the fun wherever they go. When I started talking with Cuervo, I had been working with the team at Reef and very closely with Luke Davis, another classic character who would be a great addition to our crew. We also wanted to bring someone along for the journey who loves Mexico and has been constantly going there to surf. We wanted to bring them along and show them a side of Mexico that they had potentially never seen before. Alex Gray was the obvious choice as the final addition to “Team Fun” as we eventually dubbed the crew.

With this large crew on hand, I knew I had my work cut out for me. We decided a second photographer was necessary, so we got in touch with the forever-joyous Mr. Scott Soens. Of course, when he heard about the project, he happily obliged and our team was solidified. The images above represent an epic journey in pursuit of the ultimate party wave. The best part is…you can never really find it. You’ve gotta keep searching.


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