The Inertia

Sombrero barrels. Mariachi barrels. Awesome-ness. That’s what this is. Somehow, I managed to create a REAL situation where Jose Cuervo sent my filmer Mike Nulty and I to Mexico to celebrate life! It was awesome.

I just wanted to have as much fun as possible capturing the spirit of Cuervo, and I’ve always wanted to be serenaded by a mariachi band after a surf, so, hey, we made it happen! The band welcomed me in after I was able to take their musical talents in the tube. That’s what she said.

I now have moved to Guadalajara, and I am currently touring the country as a backup dancer and vocalist for “Our Lady Guadalupe” band. So you know where to find me.


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Mariachi like you've never heard it before. Alex Gray is always innovating.

Mariachi like you’ve never heard it before. Alex Gray, ever the innovator.


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