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Maybe you heard. But late last month, Bali’s Mount Agung – after months of anticipation and premature evacuations – blew its top for the second time in recorded history. “Clouds of ash filled the air around Bali’s Mount Agung after the volcano erupted,” explained NPR. Ash spewed over five miles in the air. Our thoughts are with all of those impacted by the damage and devastation.

The film above may shed additional light on why its such a big deal for local residents to be displaced from their homes, and the realities of living in a literal hotbed of volcanic activity.

“In Indonesia, more than 75% of people live within 100 km of a volcano, the highest number in all of the world’s volcanic regions,” explains the film. “Because of these special circumstances, the people who live amongst them have developed a unique symbiosis with the ancient beasts. Amongst Fire is an experimental documentation of this extraordinary relationship.”


Indonesians have a reverent, symbiotic, albeit tenuous relationship with volcanoes. As is well known, volcanic soil is rich in nutrients – highly conducive for agriculture. Better than most, Indonesians understand that any moment the dormant beast of the volcano can awaken, spewing ash and raining fire.

Production Company: Brick Films
Directed and Shot by: Justin Pelletier
Creative Producer: Adam Maruniak
Music by: William Ryan Fritch and Cubby
Motion Design: Jay Lee
Production Assistant: Miguel Schmallettes
Fire Dancer: Wayan Independentt
Voice: Nararya Nemo Narottama


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