Now there's a way to live. Photo: Grist

Now there’s a fine way to live. Photo: M. Forest

The Inertia

Keeping up with interesting and noteworthy environmental news is often more difficult than it sounds. It can take some serious research to find the best coverage of the California drought or oil drilling in the Arctic Ocean. Fortunately, there are some awesome blogs out there that aggregate all the most pressing, pertinent issues—from political news to respected scholarly articles to environmentally-friendly DIY projects. Curious about how to naturally protect from mosquitos on your next surf trip? Come explore these five incredible environmental blogs and learn all there is to know about Mother Earth.

1. The Cleanest Line

Photo: Liz Clark / The Cleanest Line

Photo: Liz Clark / The Cleanest Line

If you’re like me, you’re frothing to get out into the world and experience all it has to offer. When I’m unable to travel, I still enjoy living vicariously through blogs such as Patagonia’s The Cleanest Line. There, ambassadors like Liz Clark share stories and photos of their journeys while teaching environmental sustainability. It’s a win-win situation, as each article will surely leave you feeling adventurous and enlightened.

2. Grist



Screensaver material. Photo: Shutterstock/Grist

Looking for less on travel and more on environmental news, issues, and products? Grist is a particularly intelligent source, covering climate, energy, food, cities, green living, politics, business, and tech. One thing I really love about Grist is their “Clarity-o-Meter.” This feature is their way of saving you time and energy by giving you simply written articles on what’s trending in the news.

3. Treehugger

DIY solar tiller. Photo: Dennis Evers / Treehugger

DIY solar tiller. Photo: Dennis Evers / Treehugger

They must care a little bit about the environment to be called “Treehugger.” Trust me, they definitely live up to their name with up-to-minute blog posts and daily newsletters. Similar to Grist, Treehugger offers a variety of categories as well as DIY projects with frugal living and environmental sustainability in mind. Treehugger is the one-stop shop for anything and everything green.

4. Yale Environment 360

Photo: Robert Wintner

Photo: Robert Wintner / Yale Environment 360

There aren’t many blogs that successfully create both interesting and scholarly content, but Yale Environment 360 seems to nails it. If you like diving deep into environmental analysis or sparking a heated debate over climate change, this should be your secret weapon. Don’t feel like reading? Yale’s School of Forestry and Environmental Studies has some great video reports that are just as rich as their written content.


5. Circle of Blue

Photo: J. Carl Ganter

Photo: J. Carl Ganter / Circle of Blue

Whenever I need my dose of water news, my go-to is Circle of Blue. This is also where I keep up-to-date with the severity of the California drought, which is now in its fourth year. It’s important to note that drought is not just an issue in California; many other parts of the world, including parts of India and China are experiencing larger scale water shortages and have been for several years. We often lose sight of how important sustainable water usage is and the Circle of Blue reminds us just how much every drop counts.


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