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Copenhagen, Denmark is aiming to be carbon neutral by 2025. It’s a task that requires an almost complete overhaul of an entire society, but it’s one worth doing. Part of their plan is an enormous waste-to-energy plant called Amager Bakke. The place is a wonder of technology.

Amager Bakke takes the trash from the citizens of Copenhagen and turns it into heat for 60,000 households and electricity for 30,000 every year. According to reports, the place produces more clean water than it uses, and due to the exhaust filtration systems in place, reduces sulfur emissions by nearly 100 percent and nitrogen oxides by 90 percent, compared with the plant it replaced, and the 100,000 tons of ash it produces annually is used in road construction. The Guardian called it the “cleanest incineration plant in the world.

While all that is pretty incredible, it does something else, too: the plant doubles as an artificial ski slope called CopenHill. Looking down at the Öresund Strait, CopenHill is just over 1500 feet long. Jesper Tjäder took the chance to try out the recently opened plant/ski slope, and it looks as though he thoroughly enjoyed himself.


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