The Inertia

I almost feel bad for plastic. With catchy terms like “bag bans“, “bottle bills“, and “BPA” thrown around as freely as the stuff itself, plastic is an easy scapegoat for the environmental crisis.  For a moment let’s not tell others to reuse a bottle, bring a mug, or carry chopsticks.  Instead, let’s take a broader approach and very simply turn a negative into positive.  One woman taking this to heart is artist-activist Aurora Robson, whose creation, Kamilo, is made from 100% plastic marine debris.  No paint.  No rivets.  No adhesives. Just plastic.

“The point behind all my work is to take something negative, and try to change the direction that it’s going in – and turn it into a positive,” says Robson.

The material for Kamilo was collected by the Hawaii Wildlife Fund at Kimilo Point, HI.  At these beach cleanups, HWF volunteers collect over two tons of plastic every two months.

Aurora’s environmentally-conscious work is featured above, but to check out more of her work, visit www.AuroraRobson.com.



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