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Save The Waves Coalition is an innovative nonprofit with an incredible global reach that develops unique coastal protection strategies, tools, and resources for coastal communities around the world. In layman’s terms, Save The Waves has stopped Donald Trump from building a wall in Ireland, protected Snapper Rocks from ship terminal, and given us one of the best Surf Film Festival series in the world. The folks living in the San Francisco to Santa Cruz area are even lucky enough to enjoy STW throwing down gala style. The event was once called a “fundrager,” but, as the organization has matured so has the event (At least by name). This is the one event where you can find yourself drinking with OB legends and talking story with the best “shoulda been there yesterday” bros California has to offer.

Here’s the lineup of Save The Waves’ Life Is A Wave Awardees:


Inside the Mind of Sachi Cunningham from SeaLevelTV

Sachi Cunningham, Athlete of the Year


Sachi is a documentary filmmaker, professor, surfer, water photographer, body surfer, cancer survivor, and a mother. Meanwhile, here you are, proud of yourself for just getting into a surf session before noon because of a heavy night. She was the first photographer of any gender to have a water photo of San Francisco’s Ocean Beach on triple overhead days to appear in Surfer Magazine, and is now back in the water after her fight with cancer. Her award winning journalism stories have screened at festivals worldwide, and her daring water photography has been featured by the New York Times, LATimes, SF Chronicle, Outside Magazine, Surfline, Surfer, The Inertia, and the World Surf League. Her work also appeared in the recent documentary on women’s big wave surfing, “It Ain’t Pretty.”

Winning Wave Saver Business of the Year, CEO Mark Price and Firewire Surfboards.

Firewire has long been a leader in sustainability within the surf industry. Firewire embraced the ECOBOARD program from day one with the introduction of the TIMBERTEK models and converted their entire production to Entropy Super Sap bio-resin. With over 10,000 TIMBERTEK boards in the water since its introduction, it has clearly made an impact. Surfing on a board that has been sustainably made and friendly to the environment will have you surfing 30% better – meaning more waves and better lay backs.

Wave Saver Environmentalists of the Year, 5 Gyres Institute co-founders, Anna Save Cummins and Dr. Marcus Eriksen.

The 5 Gyres Institute, along with a dedicated group of global ambassadors and volunteers, has sailed over 50,000 miles across the world’s oceans conducting firsthand research to understand the ecological impacts of plastic marine pollution. In 2014, 5 Gyres published the first global estimate on ocean plastics, finding 270,000 tons made up of 5.25 trillion particles. 5 Gyres coined the global plastic plague as a “Plastic Smog”, a term used in the title of the new Jack Johnson documentary “Smog of the Sea.” 5 Gyres’ research on microplastics in the Great Lakes sparked a 2-year campaign involving many NGOs that culminated in President Obama’s signing of the Microbeads Free Waters Act, to eliminate toxic plastic microbeads from personal care products. This example of “science to solutions” is at the heart of 5 Gyres’ mission – using credible scientific research to drive engagement and action upstream.


Note: The event will also feature a live and silent auction, with live music by Brushfire Records’ ALO, and hosted by TV personality Angela Sun. All funds go directly to support Save The Waves’ environmental programs around the world. For more info or to purchase tickets, please visit:


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