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chris johanson art for vans

Chris Johanson has been making urban-inspired art since the ’80s. Photo courtesy of Vans

The Inertia

Chris Johanson has been honing his distinct drawing style and dry sense of humor since the ’80s when he was painting skateboards and houses in his hometown of San Jose, California. The driving force behind the skateboarding and art magazine, Karmaboarder, Johanson took his art to San Francisco’s Mission District, where it transformed into Sharpie cartoons adorning lamp posts and bathroom stalls around the area until 1994 when he created a board graphic run for skateboard brand Anti-Hero. His artwork went international in the 2002 Whitney Biennial exhibition, winning the San Francisco MOMA’s SECA Art Award. Since 2004, he’s been living in Portland, Oregon with his wife Jo Jackson, and their dog.

chris johanson swirl shoes

The Vans UltraRange EXO SE with Johanson’s Swirl artwork. Photo courtesy of Vans

The Vans x Chris Johanson collection brings a vision of respecting Mother Earth through uplifting messaging and Chris’ vivid and ethereal artwork, paired with sustainably produced footwear and apparel. Much of the collection has been produced with organically grown cotton with no GMOs or pesticides, as well as an eco-rubber made from responsibly sourced natural rubber instead of synthetic rubber derived from petroleum.

chris johanson vans footwear collection

Left to right, the Trek Slip-On, the Destruct SF (light blue), the Authentic SF (swirl and black), and the UltraRange EXO SE (swirl, far right). Photo courtesy of Vans

The collection includes three pieces of Johanson’s art adapted onto the uppers of the Vans UltraRange EXO SE as well as the all-terrain Johanson Destruct SF shoe, the Authentic SF, and the Trek Slip-On. board shorts with the distinctive swirled pattern, a floral shirt, bag, snapback, fleece pullover and illustrated tee shirts round out the collection.

boardshorts chris johanson

The Johanson Swirl Boardshort. Photo courtesy of Vans

You can check out the Vans x Chris Johanson collection at Vans retailers or at Vans.com/surf.


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