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In so many ways, outdoor enthusiasts (whether in the mountains or in the ocean) are canaries in the coal mine with respect to climate change. For those who frequent the ocean, coral bleaching, sea-level rise, and diminishing biodiversity are all perceptible consequences of climate change. And in the mountains and glaciers, decreasing snowpack, calving glaciers, and shorter winter seasons are similarly understood impacts of a warming planet.

The above trailer for Picture Organic Clothing’s new flick, Shelter, highlights that fact in one of the world’s most picturesque mountain environs, the Swiss and French Alps.

Following five separate adventures, the flick details Jeremy Jones, Mat Schaer, Leo Taillefer, Levi Luggen, and Thomas Delfino’s treks to bag a few big descents all while minimizing their Carbon footprint. The flick is as much about watching some great riding as it is a call to action to take responsibility for our contributions to climate change and trying to mitigate them.


The film will drop in its entirety on YouTube this December. More info here.


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