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Editor’s Note: This partner feature is sponsored by Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water.

In a press release today, Waiakea Water announced a new sustainability initiative, the Hana Hou refillable aluminum bottle, in partnership with professional surfer Coco Ho. Coco’s ties as a part of the legendary Ho family – including her father, Michael, uncle Derek and brother Mason – keep her connected to the Hawaiian Islands, and her love of the ocean and passion for environmental projects will help drive Waiakea Water to new heights of sustainability.

The Hana Hou bottle is filled with the same Hawaiian volcanic water as any Waiakea products, but is infinitely recyclable and can be refilled over 100 times, each refill saving the equivalent emissions of two miles of driving. Now available for purchase on the Waiakea online store, you can get your Hana Hou bottle of volcanic, Hawaiian water here.

Waiakea Water starts its journey as rain and snow falling on the Mauna Loa volcano on the Big Island of Hawai’i. From there, the water makes its way through thousands of feet of volcanic rock, a process which makes the water naturally alkaline and electrolyte rich to the Kea’au Aquifer, which sits below the mountain, and stretches to the Waiakea Well, just outside of the town of Hilo.

In Hilo, the plant (which runs on 33% sustainable energy) collects only .003% of the aquafer’s sustainable yield so that the source is not depleted and those around the world can drink the pure and naturally-enhanced water of the Hawaiian Islands. In addition to protecting this vital natural resource on the Big Island, Waiakea is a part of many other sustainable and humanitarian initiatives, such as their Kokua Initiative that funds non profits in Hawai’i working on education and environmental stewardship, impacting more than 19,000 Hawaiians in 2020. Furthermore, for every liter of water sold, a week’s supply of clean water is donated to people in need in Malawai Africa in partnership with Pump Aid. Now, those at Waiakea have decided to take sustainability a step further.

Learn more about Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water here.

waiakea water map of aquafer

Waiakea Water begins its journey as rain and snow falling on Mauna Loa. Photo: Waiakea Water




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