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Dave Rastovich is a lot more than just a guy who surfs really well. Oh, he’s definitely that, but even more so, Rasta is a man concerned about the environment. And in a beautiful little spot just south of Cape Byron, Australia, he’s doing his part to make things just a little bit better. Of course, if everyone walked around with that mindset, it would make all things a whole lot better.

Rasta is working with Geoff Lawton, an Australian permaculture specialist, to build a garden that will feed 6-8 families that live nearby. Rasta’s family, along with the others, all live on a small, private road and have decided they’d like to get their food locally. Not just in a local store, but really locally. Like, from their own local dirt. In doing so, they’ll reduce the distance the food has to travel, eat generally healthier, bring back a diverse eco-system to the neglected plot of land, and strengthen their little community.

Rasta and Lawton are reconfiguring the land to work with the natural patterns that exist there. Beginning with level terraced gardens and footpaths to absorb water, the garden will also include the option to use water from road run-off if it’s necessary. Chicken tractors (a floor-less coop that can be moved around easily) will help to regenerate the slopes below and create compost that will enrich the soil.

It’s a good plan. Food security, after all, is one of the most important things a community needs to thrive — and Rasta’s community looks like it’s on the right path.


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