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It’s a fact that great white sharks love seals. Seals love fish. So surfing river mouths always comes with increased risk. But even though we know that seals make up a great portion of the white shark diet, we don’t always see the chase and we rarely see the catch. But this dramatic footage shows just how intense the chase can be as both fish and shark go airborne.

The Atlantic White Shark Conservancy does great work in tracking sharks on the East Coast. The entity posted this footage to its Facebook page as a throwback late last month. “Yesterday was International Day of the Seal,” reads the caption. “In honor, we wanted to re-share this white shark and seal interaction from 2015. Lumpy (the white shark) was outmaneuvered by the grey seal. This video gets our ‘seal’ of approval!” Funny, but not funny for the seal.

The footage was taken at Monomoy Island, a spit of sand that extends eight miles southwest from Chatham, Cape Cod from the Massachusetts mainland. These are prime great white waters, as we’ve come to learn. Take a look at the BBC documentary below where a robotic seal was used to study shark’s movements when on the take.


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