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Carlos Gauna has made a name for himself as The Malibu Artist. We’ve watched (and helped) him grow his YouTube channel, which he uses to publish incredible footage of great white shark interactions with humans. His visuals are impeccable. Here, he publishes footage of an interaction between a swimmer and a great white.

Gauna has an inquisitive mind and an inherent curiosity about this apex predator. That’s why, lately, he’s teamed up with experts to discuss the behaviors of these iconic fish. Here, he talks to Patrick Rex, a graduate student at the Shark Lab at California State University, Long Beach who’s studying human encounters with sharks. It makes for interesting viewing. Gauna is also raising money for Shark Allies, which as the name implies, works to protect these wild creatures. He’s donating the profits from this YouTube video to the organization. You can donate to Shark Allies as well, here.


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