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There’s a lot going on here. You’ve got two great white sharks, a pod of dolphins, and a pair of kayakers – and you have the wonderful habit of Australians adding an “ies” to words we didn’t know needed them (see “dollies” for dolphins, “boardies” for boardshorts, and “beachies” for beach breaks).

Above all, you have gorgeous drone footage captured by the site Drone Shark App, which is a really good follow, btw. “Here’s a little action you’ve missed on the #dronesharkapp SHOW,” reads the post. “Two weeks back these two #whitesharks were not really interested in the #dolphins🐬 or the two paddlers at the end. I was a little concerned that the paddlers may get off so I used my megaphone. They did get out shortly after so I assumed they heard me. I notified The Sussex Inlet surf life saving club as to the presence of four #greatwhites that morning further north at the inlet.”

Pretty cool to see how wary the sharks are of the dolphins.


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