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A sight that would make even our landlocked brethrens sick to their stomachs. Photo:

If you could save save your community a half million dollars, educate 20 thousand people on coastal issues and raise over $3,000 for local charities over the next five years – all by voting – would you? For someone who loves the ocean this is a no brainer.

Our Goal at Coastal Playground is to give everyone the power to do just that. Over the past five years we have been developing our business model and expanding our network to maximize impact and solidify ourselves as the next evolution in the surf apparel industry. Our 50/50 program includes three non-profit organizations and 28 ocean artists/brand ambassadors who have produced some pretty amazing results that we’re very excited to share.

To briefly explain how this works at Coastal Playground, with every purchase of our Art, Apparel, & Accessories we donate 50% of the proceeds to fund beach cleanups. We feel that giving people the ability to help a cause through the products they purchase is one of the easiest, most effective ways to not only physically improve the conditions of our lifestyle but also educate the masses on the issues we face as ocean enthusiasts.


Below are some of the YTD results:
-63 Beach Cleanups
-8545 Pounds of Trash Removed
-10323 Volunteers Educated
-20646 Volunteer Hours Clocked – $23.07 (Estimated Value of Volunteer Time) x 20646 = $476,303.00 Tax Dollars Saved
-127,650 Followers/Reach of 50/50® Partners & Ocean Artists/Brand Ambassadors
-500+ Meet up Group Members
-Four 50/50 Partnerships
1. Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii
2. Orange County Coastkeeper
3. Project Save Our Surf
4. Coastal Playground Foundation

As a company we have consistently grown year over year at about a 200% pace and the interest in our project is increasing exponentially. Through our community based business model we have leveraged our partnerships and their social media following to market our ideas and obtain feedback allowing us to further fine tune our processes. With what we now consider “The Framing Stage” behind us, we are ready and eager to take this project to the next level.



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