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“Making the Voice of the Ocean Heard” Featuring Stéphane Latxague, CEO of Surfrider Foundation Europe from SeaLevelTV on Vimeo.

We’ve been following passionate ocean activists at the United Nation’s Conference of Parties #COP21. They’ve all joined in Europe to make sure that the health of our world’s oceans is an essential part of the outcome of this historically significant United Nations agreement.

This first part of SeaLevel TV’s COP21 series features Surfrider Foundation Europe’s CEO, Stéphane Latxague discussing the importance of Surfrider’s presence at the conference. “There’s no way we couldn’t be at the COP (United Nations Conference of Parties)…whatever way you want to tackle the climate issue, you cannot neglect the fact that the oceans were not represented during the Conference of Parties negotiations and so we are here to make the voice of the ocean heard,” Latxague says.


He continues, “The ocean is the lung of the planet. Science has proven that the ocean is key to climate regulation. But what’s next?”


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