Dustin Barca. Photo courtesy of Cyrus Sutton

Dustin Barca. Photo courtesy of Cyrus Sutton

The Inertia

Surfing is a doorway to relating to everything as one living organism. From the sets on the horizon to the currents beneath us, we consistently focus our attention on patterns in nature to sync ourselves with its rhythm.

Like many surfers, I began to focus on food, where it’s coming from and how it’s affecting us. I’ve increasingly come to understand that the food we are eating today is on life support. Healthy food starts with healthy soil. Our planet is losing 34,000 square miles of topsoil per year. That’s 30 times faster than it can heal itself. Soil that is exhausted turns to dirt and bleeds into the oceans. This bleeding is the largest contributor to ocean acidification and the health of the reefs we surf over and all marine life.

We all know you are what you eat. With increased pollution, hungrier sharks, and dying reefs, it’s also true that what we eat affects our surfing experience. This stuff can sound overwhelming, but I’ve also learned that these problems can be solved more easily than we are led to believe.

Here’s a video parody I made that explains it all. If you like it, please donate to my Kickstarter to help make this film happen.

Photo courtesy of Cyrus Sutton

Photo courtesy of Cyrus Sutton


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