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It seems there’s a new product or gadget popping up every day now that can be made from recycled ocean waste. Because our oceans are filled with plastic. People know it’s a problem that needs to be solved, and so things are constantly created to make use of it all to keep it from ending up in the water. It’s given us everything from sneakers to skateboards, and now we have 3-D printed prosthetic hands that cost just 45 bucks and only 15 used plastic bottles to make.

Laura and Chris Moriarty of Million Waves Project have distributed 16 prosthetic hands over the past two months as part of their project. Million Waves was actually created to take ocean plastics and find alternative uses for them as 3-D printed products. Using plastic they find on their local beaches near Anacortes, Washington, they consulted a retired pediatric nurse to design the prosthetics.

“Wouldn’t it make a lot of sense to take something deplorable in this sense and something heartbreaking in this sense, put them together and see what we could do?” Chris says.


Their plan now is to raise funds for an industrial shredder and partner with groups that can supply more plastics, helping them provide free limbs to people in need.

“It is daunting. Life is daunting,” Laura said of their undertaking. “But like we tell our kids, that doesn’t mean you don’t move forward and you don’t try.”


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