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The Inertia

There are many reasons why the protests at Mauna Kea have made international headlines and if you take the time to watch this short from Jason Mamoa you’ll come away with a very compelling reason why it deserves everybody’s attention.

“We are not anti-science, we are anti an 18-story building on a pristine area on the northern plateau over our sacred Mauna,” Pualani Case tells Mamoa. “I’m against anything that will destroy sacred land, people’s cultures,” she adds. “Think that because they can build in the name of science, education, corporations, businesses, they have the right to do that.”

The actor joined protestors on the Big Island to stand by them and also to ask them about the importance of protecting sacred Hawaiian land. It’s a poignant piece that weighs heavily on the side of the Mauna Kea protectors but still manages to point out that how the conflict is resolved — respectfully, peacefully — is just as important as the outcome itself.


“Not this time. No more,” Case says. “You have taken almost everything we have, and if we allow you to build on the most sacred land without attempting to stop we may as well just lay down as a native people and say ‘Take everything.’ If you take the most sacred what will we have left?”


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