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There’s been no shortage of swell in Southern California to kick start the new decade. And it appears that even a juvenile grey whale got the memo recently that San Diego’s Black’s Beach  has been pretty darn good lately.

On Sunday, the whale was spotted a tick south of the main lineup and filmmaker Trystan Snodgrass was able to fly a drone over the gentle giant who may or may not have swung by to spectate.

A number of commenters on Reddit have raised concerns about the whale being in such shallow water and that such behavior could be a sign he’s not doing well. According to Snodgrass, though, it’s normal for whales to take a breather as they scoot south for the winter.


“I have been informed that this specific whale might be resting in La Jolla on its path south,” Snodgrass explained in a Reddit thread. “It’s a juvie grey whale but seems to be acting as they sometimes do on the long trip (grey whales are one of the few whale species that enjoys playing in the shallows as well as using the shallows to rest from the swells etc.)”

We do hope the little guy is okay and managed to get some vision from below of the other Black’s denizens getting barreled.



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