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Liking isn't helpingA like on Facebook doesn’t have huge value to a campaign. A like DOES have value… just a small value. It’s important to know that it’s not in the same league as showing up or donating. I tried to make this point on Instagram a few weeks back with the photo below.

Liking isn't helpingWe were getting all kinds of social media love… hundreds of shares, a zillion likes and piles of thanks and “go get ’em” comments.

Yet we knew that, without people showing up… we could lose. The difference between a retweet and a person showing up became crisply understandable to me… the difference was losing or winning.

EVERY cause is the same. They need as much support as possible. All of our support is not created equal.


When we send money to organizations (like the one above), we are the most valuable supporters. Money is perhaps the most maleable, directable tool that exists.

At Surfrider we also highly value those who invest their time.

I love this ad because it makes me uncomfortable. It makes me uncomfortable because I know it’s true.


A like on Facebook is ephemeral, its value is fleeting. An investment of time or money is what makes the largest impact.

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