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Tropical Storm Lidia slammed southern Baja late last week, leaving the area of Los Cabos reeling. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

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Los Cabos can’t catch a break. Last month three were gunned down in a drug-related shooting outside of a Cabo resort. The US State Department has since issued a travel warning for the area, and as a result, tourism is in steep decline.

If that wasn’t enough, Tropical Storm Lidia made landfall early Friday dumping a total of 27 inches of rain over several days, killing seven.

Authorities say the death toll could rise as they survey the damage and the flood waters recede.

State Tourism Secretary Luis Genaro Ruiz told the Washington Post that 20,000 tourists were stranded after airlines suspended flights to the area. 1,400 people reportedly occupied the area’s storm shelters.


At least two of the storm’s victims were electrocuted by downed power lines, while others were swept away trying to cross flooded areas.

Baja California Sur Governor Carlos Mendoza said it was, “the largest amount of water we have had since 1933.”

A week ago I was in the Los Cabos airport about to hop on a two-hour flight back to LAX. I had been covering an awesome little contest conceived by Timmy Curran and Cabo local Alex Vidal featuring some of Mexico’s most renowned surf stars – Fernando Stalla and Diego Cadena – and Rob Machado and Damien Hobgood. The Ultimate Waterman’s Challenge, on top of SUP and spearfishing events, featured an underwater beach cleanup, heats open to locals of all ages, and an exhibition event with top US pros vs. Mexico’s pros. All to raise money for a foundation that works with local youth with disabilities. (More to come on the contest later).

To see the photos coming out of Los Cabos just a week later is heartbreaking. According to reports, flood waters ripped a baby out of a mother’s arms when she tried to cross a flooded area.

And while the extent of the devastation pales in comparison to the city of Houston that continues to reel from Hurricane Harvey – and the eastern seaboard waits with bated breath to see what will come of Hurricane Irma – major weather events like these remind us that major weather events know no borders. Climate change knows no borders.

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