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The ocean produces some odd creatures. Lobsters, if you think about it, are some of the strangest. Delicious, but strange.

Lobsters come in a variety of colors–blue, yellow, red, green, brown, etc–but translucent isn’t generally on the lobster color wheel.  So when a lobster fisherman named Alex Todd of Chebeague Island, Maine, pulled in his trap on August 24th and found what looked to be an albino lobster, he was understandably a little shocked.

The lobster in question probably has a condition known as Leucism, which is a partial loss of pigmentation. It’s not exactly albinism, however, and it can happen to any creature with pigment. If one looks closely at Todd’s strange catch, you can see hints of blue in the shell and slight coloring in the eyes.

On further inspection, Todd noticed the lobster had a notched tail, which indicates that the lobster was an egg-bearing female. Since those lobsters are off limits to fisherman, he returned it to the ocean, but not before taking a few photos.


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