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Surfrider's Malibu Chapter fights to for clean water at the Malibu.

It’s hard to believe that in the tiny neighborhood of Malibu, California one can frequently smell… poop. The sometimes overpowering smell offers an alternative to the phrase “that would NEVER happen in an upscale neighborhood.”

The water quality has been perennially atrocious and the smell has added a surreal sense to the region. It’s gross, it’s wrong… it’s Mali-poo.

Over the years many people have become sick from surfing in and playing in the local Malibu waters.


And over the years many groups have fought long and hard to address this issue.

Yesterday the California State Water Board voted unanimously (5/0) to support the Regional Water Board’s prohibition of septic systems in the Malibu Civic Center area.   Commercial facilities must be taken off septic tanks by 2015 and residential sites must be off by 2019.

Surfrider’s West Los Angeles / Malibu chapter was a key part of this effort. Our partners included Malibu Surfing Association, Santa Monica Baykeeper, and Heal The Bay.


Kudos to all involved in bringing this victory. More.
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