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When it comes to spending a day on the hill, the humble pair of goggles is a necessity. But, they often come with a not so humble price tag.

After successfully entering the sunglass market earlier this year, Dutch eyewear company Messy Weekend decided to task itself with finding a cheaper solution to winter eyewear. The result is a Kickstarter campaign for the company’s flagship goggles that’s nearly raised $500,000 – about 62 times their original $8,000 goal.

“Being frustrated with breaking our bank every winter buying new and expensive goggles we challenged ourselves yet again: Launch high-quality goggles at a fraction of the price of comparable quality brands,” explains the Kickstarter page.


MW is going for goggles with everything you need and nothing you don’t (namely that price).

The added bonus particularly for the ocean-minded, though, is for every pair of goggles sold a portion of the proceeds go to Proartso, a Spanish non-profit, to remove 10 kilos (22 pounds) of plastic from the ocean.

“Our donation supports the education of local communities building knowhow of waste sorting and recycling,” explained the brand on Kickstarter. “This setup ensures that harmful plastic is removed, the local communities become educated, and the waste is turned into a source of income for the local communities as they sell it for recycling. In other words: a smart little ecosystem is born.”


More affordable goggles that help the planet? We could get used to that.


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