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Mitchell chooses the trash. Where do you stand? Image courtesy of Surfrider Foundation / Jim Moriarty

Mitchell chooses the trash. Where do you stand? Image courtesy of Surfrider Foundation / Jim Moriarty

The Inertia

Every holiday when my family asks me what I’d like and I say the same thing, “Make me something.”

I say this because I want something personal… something from THEM.

I can buy my own lifestyle gizmo. What I’m seeking is a deeper, more meaningful connection with them.

That is also what I think of when I see hand-drawn posters like the one to the left.


This was one of the winners of a poster design contest held by our Grand Strand / Myrtle Beach chapter. I also love the simple, straightforward message.

It’s your choice to throw it away.

The trash or their lives.

This works for me on so many levels. It’s obvious that the messaging is solid and the graphics are fun and approachable. But, the larger reason this sign has value is because it is a person’s individual message. In this era of browser-driven perfect presentation of information, there is rare value in a hand-drawn and rendered sign.

This poster is an extension of Mitchell Bowser, an 11th grader from nearby Little River.


The way we, all of us, can make a difference with this coastal preservation movement is via connecting with people in real, meaningful ways.

Connecting with people, it turns out, is actually not easy. We are competing with an infinite number of content channels on the internet, tv, apps and other mediums. All of these channels are pushing out messaging that is trying, again, quite hard, to connect with us.

Major global brands talk endlessly about “authenticity” and “real personal connection with their consumers.” Think of the last Levi’s, Apple or Coke ad you’ve seen.

When I look at a hand-drawn poster like the one to the left, I see authenticity. I see something real. I see the priceless connection that an 11-year-old has made with the oceans and their willingness to share that connection.

Thanks for entering the contest Mitchell. I love your poster.

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