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The Inertia

There aren’t many creatures on earth that will actively hunt a human being. But since polar bears generally live in places where human beings don’t, according to some research, if we’re in their habitat, they will look at us and decide that we might be food.

That’s why when Gordon Buchanan, a Scottish wildlife filmmaker went to the land of the polar bear, he took a steel and plexiglass box with him. Buchanan is relatively used to being in situations like this, which explains how calm he is while a massive polar bear is desperately trying to break into his shelter, but this had to get his heart racing.

What you see above is part of Buchanan’s latest project. He’s spending a full year attempting to gain the trust of a polar bear family so he’s able to document how they live—which, you will remember, didn’t work out so well for the Grizzly Man.


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