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Sir Richard Branson does a lot of cool stuff. First off, people have to drop “Sir” in front of his name, which is remarkably cooler than, say, “Dr.” And he earned that title by having already done a lot of cool stuff. He became one of the most accomplished entrepreneurs on the planet, was knighted, and now that he’s worth an estimated $4.9 billion it’s fair to say his name most often makes its way into headlines for doing other cool, philanthropic things with all his money–like offering $3 million to anybody who can save the world by reinventing the air conditioner.

Next up, Sir Richard Branson is hosting the broadcast of a submarine being dropped to the bottom of a giant hole that sits off the coast of Belize. And if you think calling it “a giant hole” is some attempt at being irritatingly informal, its official name is the Great Blue Hole. So I’m actually being serious here. The Great Blue Hole is a massive, 1,043-foot sinkhole that scientists say was formed over thousands of years of ocean levels rising and flooding a cave. It’s the largest such natural formation in the world, which makes it pretty incredible. It’s also one of the most famous scuba diving sites on the planet, and the submarine expedition will be a world first, according to Aquatica Submarines. Meanwhile, the broadcast will have Branson and Fabien Cousteau discussing ocean conservation and preservation; a key focus of the expedition.

“The live broadcast will add a great deal of impact as both of these ocean advocates will be able to give some tremendous insights as to how we can and will help preserve our world’s precious oceans,” said Harvey Flemming, president and CEO of Aquatica Submarines.


So there, add another cool thing to the long list of cool things Sir Richard Branson’s made happen in his lifetime.

Editor’s Note: The broadcast will be aired from 4 p.m.-6 p.m. EST Sunday, December 2nd.



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