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One fish. Two fish. So many dead fish. In a turn of unsightly and, quite frankly, rank news, thousands of dead anchovies floated to the surface of the harbor in Los Angeles’s Marina Del Rey. Seven thousand pounds of the stink had already been cleaned up by the time of the original report by local affiliate NBC 4 Los Angeles, but fish were still surfacing by the barrel-full. Alongside the anchovies was other sea life, including sting rays and angel fish.

The cause of the troubling die-off wasn’t immediately known; however, bait expert Mike Spears speculated that the low oxygen levels could explain the disturbing scene. “Inside the marina here you have the sea walls that make it a confined space, so there’s only a certain amount of oxygen in the water immediate to the fish,” Spears told NBC4. “It was a low tide, which means the water was going out, nothing was coming in from the ocean, so it was just stale water and they just suffocated in it, and everything around them suffocated, too.”

Seems like all the more reason to pay attention to what’s going on with our climate…





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