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The fight against marine debris is neverending. As watermen and waterwomen, we have a front row seat to watching the effects this pollution has on the aquatic environment and we are becoming keenly aware that every little thing we do can make an impact.

Whether you’re surfing, paddling, diving, fishing…the small things are what will make the biggest impact over time. Something as simple as taking one piece of ocean trash back to shore after a session adds up.

Every summer, the globe celebrates World Oceans Day. For the majority of those who have even heard about the day, it pretty much just adds up to one day to look at pretty pictures of the ocean. It’s like a microcosm of our Shark Week infatuation. This year, however, Starboard SUP created something to recognize that every day should be treated as World Oceans Day, launching an ingenious and simple effort to include a trash tool on every paddle they sell.


The Starboard Paddle Pick is a removable tool for plucking trash out of the water in an effort as simple as every stroke.

Their ultimate goal is to spread awareness of marine debris and to get a Paddle Pick in the hands of every paddleboarder. And truthfully, if we all used one of these every time we headed out for a session we’d clean up a lot of trash from the ocean.

Would you guy’s use this? Leave a comment about your paddle spots and the marine debris you find there.

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