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Stands out a bit, huh? Photo: Far East Russia Orca Project

Stands out a bit, huh? Photo: Far East Russia Orca Project

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This is the unicorn of the ocean. It’s an adult white orca whale, and it’s supposedly the only one of its kind known to exist, according to the below news cast produced two and a half years ago. However, an article on The Dodo suggests the recent discovery is one of four. Whatever the number, the contrast of black fins to one white fin (and how much bigger that white fin is in the image above) is pretty arresting.

Unfortunately, there isn’t much information about these impressive creatures. For now, they’re simply an interesting visual study. Whether this animal is truly albino or not is also up for debate as Iceberg, another white whale discovered in Russia two years ago, is assumed to not be a true albino. He has some color behind his dorsal fin, in an area called the saddle. If the new white whale is truly an albino, it would be completely white with red-ish eyes.


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