Executive Director, Save The Waves

Save the Waves Coalition

In this time of economic challenges, one positive sign that encourages me is that support for Save The Waves Coalition and similar grassroots nonprofits like ours hasn’t decreased, but increased. While this might seem counterintuitive, I believe it reflects a trend of people allocating resources towards things that are important to them, rather than spending frivolously.

Save The Waves is a lean operation. We function with a core staff of four people, two of them part-time, and augment that with a network of interns, volunteers, partners and supporters that help us fulfill our mission of protecting global coastlines, with an emphasis on the surf zone. With that small staff and generous support, we’ve managed to build out effective, global programs that are making a difference. And we’ve been able to leverage our programs exponentially by working with great partners – folks like Surfrider Foundation, Wildcoast, and Surfers Against Sewage, among others.

I truly believe that nonprofit organizations hold the power to change the world, particularly in a time when governments are taking a less active role in environmental and humanitarian causes. My view of philanthropic support is that people will support causes that they feel connected to. If you feel connected to Save The Waves and the work we do, then fantastic – please consider supporting our efforts financially if you’re not already doing so. If not, I encourage you to find other organizations out there you do connect with and support them and their efforts.


In the end, without your support, nonprofits like ours could not operate nor could we accomplish the goals that benefit us all. It’s supporters like you who truly effect change with your contributions – as organizations, Save The Waves and other groups are simply a vehicle to get the work done.

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