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Does anyone get better views of sharks than spearfishermen? Not likely. Most of the time, sharks just check out the men or women in dark suits and flippers floating above them. Other times, they get aggressive, which can be downright frightening.

Floridian Steve Luongo was spearfishing with his son and his son’s friend when he spotted this great white slowly swimming below him near Fort Pierce, just south of Vero Beach. “Typically we see a lot of fish, and in 55 feet, we had had top-to-bottom visibility,” Luongo told local media. “As soon as my son and I dropped in to 85 feet, I could tell something wasn different (because the fish weren’t acting normally). They were acting weird. Then I saw why.”

According to reports, a shark being tracked by OCEARCH, a data-collecting organization, known as Miss May was pinged in the area as well. But Luongo says this shark didn’t appear to be tagged. It was just peacefully doing its thing. “There is a calming energy with these,” he said. “I’ve dove behind shrimp boats when there are bull sharks feeding. It’s not like that, all chaotic.”


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