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Another day, another controversial pipeline project. Of late, the construction of new pipelines to transport oil and natural gas across the United States has been a major point of contention among energy corporations, politicians, local residents, environmental activists, and indigenous groups. Recall the protests at Standing Rock against the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline, or protests against the Keystone XL Pipeline.

Now a proposed 600-mile natural gas pipeline planned to traverse parts of West Virginia, Virginia, and North Carolina is being met with similar opposition. The Atlantic Coast Pipeline project is a joint venture between Dominion Energy, Duke Energy and Southern Company. Many local residents and environmental activists have banned together to express their discontent, but perhaps no form of protest has been more clever than the video above.

“When I looked at these big ancient rolling hills,” says the narrator, as the camera pans across a gorgeous vista of the Blue Ridge Mountains, “I always thought there was one thing missing. A big f****ing pipeline.”

“For folks around here, having a pipeline of our own seemed impossible,” he continues. “Until now.”


The spoof may feel unrealistic, that is until you spin through the project’s actual website. Numerous stock photos complete with tag lines like “Stand up for American energy,” and “Affordable reliable energy,”are laughably transparent. Not to mention a quote from JB of Sufflolk, VA saying, “I have no problem with it running through my property. If it’s needed, it’s needed.”


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