The Inertia for Good Editor

The Inertia

You know the ocean is big. And it’s deep. But like me, you’ve probably never even come close to wrapping your mind around its vastness. For example, our oceans hold more than 99 percent of all the living space on Earth. So we “walk” the Earth when in fact maybe “the Earth” should actually just be called Ocean. That might be a more appropriate name once you give this cartoon a watch.

Here are some other facts about how offensively massive the ocean is:

The deepest free dive in recorded history is a little over 800 feet deep. The pressure there is 26 times that of the Earth’s surface. Meanwhile, whales dive twice as deep as that. Go another 1,000 feet deeper and the hull of a modern submarine is near its threshold before implosion. Where the RMS Titanic now rests at more than 12,000 feet deep, the pressure is 378 times greater than what we experience on the Earth’s surface. And you know what? THE OCEAN IS STILL THREE TIMES DEEPER THAN THAT!

Watch this. It’s awesome. We’re all just tiny little specs of the universe. Or a drop in a very, very large ocean, as some might say.


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