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The Inertia

I’ve always wanted to “leave the world a bit better than I found it.” As an impassioned surfer, I deeply believe elements of riding waves and spending time in the ocean have the potential to ground human beings in a uniquely meaningful way. So for some years now, I have been trying to understand that surf-special-ingredient.

I saw this through MY Destiny, when I worked with girls from Asha Kiran Orphanage and women from Puri (remote India), bringing awareness to crucial gender issues and promoting action. I saw the power to turn kids into changemakers in Indonesia and Brazil, teaching them concepts of environmentalism, healthy eating habits, and respect for others. I saw surfing’s power to ignite collaboration and cooperation during the Camp Surf Social Good, a gathering of leaders from around the world where social innovation and creativity met the sea.

I believe all problems, even the seemingly overwhelming ones like poverty, gender equality, and clean water, are solvable. Moreover, I believe the people who face those problems every day are the ones who hold the keys to their answers.


Recently, I got the chance to be involved with something called Global Goals. Naturally, when that opportunity came I thought of ways I could add surfing to the equation. My friends and business partners, Phil and Claudie, took over the legacy of Sri Noa Noa in Indonesia. Sri Noa Noa had been built in 1977 by Philippe Petinaud, a French Olympic and Americas Cup sailor. Back in the 70s, Indonesia was still a land full of exotic miracles and wild adventures. Through the years, the boat had quite some prominent surfing legends on board, like Layney Beachley, Joey Cabell, Ken Bradshaw, Samatha Cornish and many more.

Are you connecting the dots yet?

This is how the Global Goals Boat was born, a collaborative boat designed for purpose-driven travelers to end poverty, fight inequality, and tackle climate change. The mission is to combine high-quality learning with the best cultural exchange, remoteness, and opportunities to build a community of people working to change the world. Simply put, it’s a boat for global citizens to do their planet-saving work in remote places, all while finding the best waves of their lives.


Our trips will have one facilitator and a maximum of five participants chosen through an application process. We’re going to get work done, diving very deep into the issues, personal growth, and career/venture development for each passenger. Each trip is inspired by three sustainable development goals:

#LeaveNoOneBehind trip: End poverty in all its forms everywhere, ensure inclusive and equitable quality education, promoting lifelong learning opportunities for all, and achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls.

#SaveOurPlanet trip: Take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts, conserve and sustainably use the oceans, seas and marine resources for sustainable development, and protect, restore, and promote sustainable use of terrestrial ecosystems, sustainably manage forests, combat desertification.

And now – as if this was not enough – we will depart from Benoa Harbor in Bali. We head straight to Nusa Lembongan to warm up at Shipwrecks, Razors, Lacerations, and Playgrounds. If the swell is small,  we hit Ceningan. We cross to Lombok and access the many breaks on the south coast of Lombok, including Belongas Bay, Maui, Grupuk, Inside & Outside Ekas, plus other more secret spots. You can even score Desert Point on this trip.

Isn’t this the recipe for a life-changing experience of awesomeness?


As surfer, this is the perfect combination I’ve dreamed about all my life. It’s time to change the world! It doesn’t need to be complicated. There is no excuse now.


Note: You can learn more about the Global Goals Boat on social media: 

Instagram: @globalgoalsboat




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