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Photo: Courtesy of Tim Eddy

Photo: Courtesy of Tim Eddy

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The first time I met Tim Eddy was in the spring of 2008 when he crashed at my place in Seattle while filming for Transworld Snowboardings These Days. Tim is a classic and I was instantly warmed by his kind demeanor and always present politeness. It’s easy to like Tim — he feels like an instant friend and his positivity is infectious.

Tim hails from the Lake Tahoe area, and is a one of a kind snowboarder; he’s a Truckee tweaker, but in the best way possible as his drug of choice is (a lot) less meth and more stalefish. Throughout the years I have run into Tim from time to time at different events, and it’s always the same story, the same welcoming smile and kindness that I experienced that spring in Seattle, as Eddy’s positivity is ever present.

Photo: Courtesy of Tim Eddy

Photo: Courtesy of Tim Eddy

About a year ago, I started hearing stories and seeing pictures of a home in the woods near Tahoe, built out of reclaimed goods and recycled materials. The home was quaint and cool, a picture of tranquility and good vibes. Made with simplicity and sustainability in mind it was easy to see that whomever had created this home had welcoming spirit, so it came as no surprise when I learned it was hand-built by Tim and his girlfriend, Hannah.

I had meant to write to Tim about his home, and let him know that I was inspired by he and Hannah’s work, so recently I reached out to him to say hello and get the low down on the project.


When did you come up with the concept for your mountain house?

I came up with the concept for the cabin while I was down with a broken tailbone; it gave me a lot of time to use my imagination.

How much of your cabin is made of reclaimed or recycled materials?

The only new material that was used for the structure was the framing. Other than that all the piers, siding, windows, doors, decks, roof, etc. are reclaimed or recycled

Photo: Courtesy of Tim Eddy

Photo: Courtesy of Tim Eddy

Did you have to set aside your Olympic training to build your house?

Everything about building the home was an amazing experience, but it forced me to take a step back and miss out on my Olympic experience, which is a bummer because I was a shoe in for a gold medal in men’s super duper pipe!

What’s been the biggest challenge with the house so far?

So far the biggest challenge has been getting all the systems and utilities dialed. Since everything is off the grid and self contained it makes for some creative approaches.

It looks like you probably get some snow around your home, are you deck jibbing yet? 

There’s a slope on the property that is perfect for a banked slalom rhythm section so that will be priority for this winter!

Photo: Courtesy of Tim Eddy

Photo: Courtesy of Tim Eddy

I saw that you guys were featured on Apartment Therapy? Has it been weird to get attention outside of the snowboard community? 

It’s been really awesome getting interest from outside the typical snowboard community. It really shows how interested people are in dwellings; we all need shelter so it’s a common denominator among all humans.

If you could have a working bathroom, free HBO, or a Jacuzzi which one would you pick and why?

If I could choose a traditional bathroom, HBO, or Jacuzzi… I would most definitely choose Jacuzzi but it would be in the form of a wood fired hot tub. We are going to build one next summer, number one on the list!

Photo: Courtesy of Tim Eddy

Photo: Courtesy of Tim Eddy

Have you encountered much wildlife?

We’ve been lucky enough to see all sorts of wildlife out here. The most exciting would definitely be having a bear inside out house at one point. A very curious and hungry bear!

What’s the most solid piece of advice you would give to someone thinking about building his or her own house?

The best piece of advice that I could give someone who wants to build their own house is to think about what they actually really need to be happy and to keep it simple!

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