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Alexandre Carrier is a 26-year-old captain and shark-diving guide based in West Palm Beach, Florida. And Tredd Smith, the winner of The Inertia’s Film and Photo Challenge, Short Films Category, captured him beautifully in this gorgeous piece.

According to Tredd, “Alexandre spends the majority of his time diving, spearfishing, and photographing wildlife. During his time on the water, he is continuously implementing environmentally friendly techniques and focused on having as little of a carbon footprint as possible, all while showing people the beauties of the ocean.”

Alexandre also has a true passion for these apex predators. He knows their moods, when they might turn on him, and is respectful of their place in the ecosystem. In short, Tredd won this prestigious category of the Film and Photo Challenge presented by White Claw for creating a beautiful short profile. Enjoy!

Learn more about Alexandre Carrier here. 


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