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Fishing is an enterprise of skill, cunning, and strength. But sometimes nature gets the better of the fisherman. A line breaks. A fish escapes. Disappointment ensues. That’s the basis for every good fish tale anyway. “I almost had him. He must’ve weighed almost four hundred pounds.” Yeah. Right.

Well here’s a fish tale that’s based in 100-percent fact, thanks to a passerby named Darrell Ruger who documented the whole thing in a Facebook video.

The post shows Ruger walking to the edge of the Jacksonville, Florida pier as he attempts to reel in a small shark. Everything appears to be going swimmingly (er, well) until one bystander spots something. “There’s a bigger shark right there,” he says. “He’s right on top of it. He’s gonna eat him.”

Seconds later a large shark makes an appearance. Swallowing, from what it looks like, the smaller shark whole. Ruger flips the camera around to show his shock. Bystanders surrounding the fisherman are screaming. Amazed.

The whole escapade is a simple reminder that there’s always a bigger fish.


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