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Early Sunday morning, environmental activists with a message for Donald Trump snuck onto the president’s golf course in Palos Verdes, overlooking Santa Monica Bay. Using garden tools, the activists hacked up the green on hole number five to spell out this message: “No more tigers, no more woods.”

In a statement to the press, the group said this: “In response to the president’s recent decision to gut our existing protection policies, direct action was conceived and executed on the green of his California golf course in the form of a simple message: NO MORE TIGERS. NO MORE WOODS.”

Trump’s golf course, which the president says is the most expensive ever created, sits on former farmland in Rancho Palos Verdes.


The group told the Washington Post that “Tearing up the golf course felt justified in many ways..Repurposing what was once a beautiful stretch of land into a playground for the privileged is an environmental crime in its own right. …We hope this sends a message to Trump and his corrupt administration that their actions will be met with action.”

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