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The Inertia

This round, at least the 30+ seconds we get to see, goes to the seal. What we do know about great whites breaching is they don’t typically have a lot of gas in the tank to get those enormous bodies out of the water while chasing after an animal far more nimble than itself. That means any time a particular seal can escape in the moment they are upping their odds of living to see another day. So while Researchers with the Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries and the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy caught this escape on camera, they did say another seal took this lucky guy’s fate instead shortly after. Apparently it’s every seal for himself out there.

This is the first time anyone from the Atlantic White Shark Conservatory has documented a shark leaping out of the water near the coast of Cape Cod. Researchers said sharks are usually observed sneaking up on their prey and attacking from the side in this area, making the breach unique. The entire encounter is reported to have happened less than 50 yards from shore.


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