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The Inertia

Don and Sean Bailey love to fish together. They’ve spent hours out at sea doing just that. But a recent trip off the coast of Oceanside, California last week was a little different. They came upon a great white shark they estimated to be in the 10-foot range, entangled in fishing line. The line had metal leaders and was preventing the shark from diving below the surface or even maneuvering, for that matter.

So they did what good people do: they helped the apex predator. “I had my dad kind of pull me up as close as I could get to the shark,” Sean said. “I was leaning over the front, and I was able to hook most of the line that it was dragging, and I was able to get that up and cut it.”

Once Sean cut those lines, the fish was able to swim more naturally. “Then my dad got a piece of wire out from under the fin, and as soon as that happened, it’s like he was released or something,” Sean added. “That’s when he did a big splash of water everywhere.” The two told KTLA that they never felt in danger while helping the animal.


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