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The Inertia

What would Mother Earth be like if she did in fact carry herself with human qualities and characteristics? How would she talk to us? How would she treat us?

Would she be screaming and yelling at us all for leaving trash everywhere, spewing carbon into the atmosphere, performing metaphorical keg stands through human evolution like a carefree eighth-year college senior leaching off his rich parents? Or maybe she’d say, “Hey guys, it’s just a phase. Don’t pay attention to all these wild, drastic, violent changes — they’re totally natural and not your fault at all.”

In all likelihood, if you were to assign a human-like temperament to Mother Earth, you probably believe 2020 was the year she decided we needed to sit in timeout for a bit. You know, chill out and examine the consequences of our actions. She froze our credit cards and said no partying, no roaming around all willy nilly on carbon-spewing airplanes, even though some of us are taking a mile every time we’re given an inch of relief (eyes on you, America).

But unlike some heated, irrational parent who’s completely fed up, at least she’s writing us an even-tempered letter. At least that’s the perspective a group called the Compass Collective are taking. Here’s what Mother Earth might be thinking right now, reminding us that things may seem pretty tough in 2020 but in the grand scheme of things, it’s an opportunity to come out better for it all.


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