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Tia Blanco Static Stretch

Tia Blanco shares her static stretching routine. Photo: The Inertia/Inspire Courses

The Inertia

When it’s all said and done, we’ll be able to call 2020 many things. One of those can certainly be The Year of the Home Workout. Through a global pandemic that forced gym closures, sometimes shut down access to outdoor areas, and made remote work from home the standard rather than the exception, the world had time to rethink its relationship with health both inside and out. Plenty spent more time surfing and many took it up for the first time while we all simultaneously sought ways to stay fit from home. Because of that, leaders like Tia Blanco became de facto digital guides for more people than ever before.

Already recognized as an established voice for health and fitness, the professional surfer was an obvious choice to host a digital guide with Inspire Courses that would share surf-specific beach workouts, core exercises, yoga flows, and plant-based recipes. Blanco also shared insights and inspiration with us from her experiences as an entrepreneur. Little did we know when we started that endeavor with Tia in the winter of 2019 that her work would be valuable in an entirely new, refreshing way in 2020.

“You want to be the best athlete you can possibly be, and by training frequently and staying committed you are giving yourself the best chance to be the best surfer you can be,” she said. “If I can inspire someone to surf more, get more active, or do more yoga, that’s the goal.”

So with that said, Tia Blanco was a natural choice once again to include in our Third Annual EVOLVE Summit, where we celebrate individuals who are making a positive impact on surf and outdoor culture. We’re honored to share the work of individuals like Blanco, because, in one way or another, hers is one of the many kinds of inspiration that guided us through 2020.

Our featured workout with Tia Blanco is streaming live now — one of her many surf-specific workouts she uses to build and support posterior strength. Tune in to watch it here and learn more about the rest of our 2020 EVOLVE lineup. EVOLVE 2020 is presented by White Claw with support from Kindhumans.



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