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Master craftsman Jay Nelson knows a thing or two about intentional, beautiful design.

Between current restrictions on international travel and a recent boom in surfing interest, the already on-fire vanlife trend has exploded, and like surfboards, if you want to get a van built for you, it’s time to get in line along with everyone else. But what if you don’t want to spend a fortune on a van or wait for months to have it finished? Well then, it’s time to flex those DIY muscles and Do It Yourself.

Ever wanted to build your own pop-top camper? Learn how with Jay Nelson’s new course, available here. The San Francisco-based craftsman shares his philosophy on creating items that you’ll love and use forever while explaining his approach to building a pop-top camper on a 1994 Toyota Previa he bought on Craigslist. That’s also why we’ve featured him as part of our Third Annual EVOLVE Summit: Jay has taken his DIY ethos and shared it with us all and at at time like this, with the world in flux, it’s comforting to know we can still get things done with our own two hands: “The goal in the end is for you to walk away with something that you’re proud of, something that’s handmade, and something that’s unique to you.”

Our full feature with Jay Nelson is streaming now. Tune in to watch it here and learn more about the rest of our 2020 EVOLVE lineup. EVOLVE 2020 is presented by White Claw with support from Kindhumans.


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