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Those who dare to innovate push society forward. They disregard the judgment of the unimaginative and boldly advance in the direction of their ambitions. We have much to learn from innovators. When it comes to watermen, Kai Lenny is innovation incarnate. A surfer at his core, Kai is widely considered one of the greatest ocean athletes alive, excelling in traditional performance surfing, big waves, kite surfing, windusurfing, SUP, and of course, foiling. Kai is part of the packed lineup that is the 2020 EVOLVE Summit, where we celebrate the accomplishments of luminaries in the worlds of surf and outdoors.

Kai’s  full feature will be available for free this Thursday, December 17. Sign up here and learn more about the rest of our 2020 EVOLVE lineup. EVOLVE 2020 is presented by White Claw with support from Kindhumans.


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