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Erik Logan joins the Bells Beach broadcast.

The WSL’s Erik Logan has been explaining, and re-explaining, the League’s policies of late. Listen up to learn more (below). Photo: WSL//YouTube Screenshot.

The Inertia

It’s been a newsworthy year on the Championship Tour. Coming out of COVID, this was the first season the WSL’s new format was in full bloom, so to speak. Starting the tour with Pipeline. A mid-year cut. The revamped Challenger Series. All of these changes, it seems, were made to up the “engagement” of the events on all formats for the League. Some of these changes didn’t please every surf fan.

I had a chance to speak with Erik Logan about these changes, the fans’ reactions, the dustup with the Longboard Tour, and even trans surfing. Yes, there’s been lots of surfing in the news of late. And much of it has revolved around the World Surf League.

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